IPC's Virtual IP PBX

You can't do business without the phone. You can't do business without the Internet. So why not combine these necessary tools into one virtualized VoIP service from IPC? The Speed, The Technology, The Savings, The Service.

By integrating your services with IPC's Virtual IP service, you can save money.

Technology can help your business run more efficiently, but it’s not cheap.  Initial investments and continual upgrades are a huge strain for businesses of every size.  But with IPC, you get all the benefit of our high-speed Internet and flexible VoIP service without any of the risk and expense you’d experience with other providers. Basically you pay one low monthly rate and we include the phones, equipment, installation, and local service.

IPC's Virtual Hosted IP:

Much like you currently do now, you're only responsible for paying the monthly Voice and Internet service charges. But with IPC, you also get new virtual IP phones, unified communications software, mobile applications, premise-based LAN equipment, and complete network management. All of these features combined make your business more productive and efficient. IPC is truly one of the only companies in North America offering Mitel's Virtualized Voice platform to businesses of any size, globally.From phones deployed to Afghanistan that allow our troops to make calls back to their family in the US, to Global Contact Center Solutions hosted in redundant data centers. We enable businesses of any size access to applications and technology that improve the way you communicate. All of this delivered over a virtual platform designed to deliver a redundant and reliable solution with the performance demanded by today's market. We provide tomorrows technology, today.

"I was deployed to Bagram, Afghanistan for 120 days in 2012. While overseas one of the greatest challenges for me and my fellow Airmen was being away from our friends and family. Luckily being at the Bagram air base we had access to the Internet. Once IPC found this out they sent the Hosted IP phones to our base. We were able to easily set them up and call our loved ones at home at any time without incurring any charges. Thanks to the generosity of IPC, contacting home was made easier!"

Senior Airman

Jacob Ledbetter

188th Flying Razorbacks


IPC's Virtual and On-Site IP PBXs

IPC also sells and leases complete phone systems and software to our clients if it better suits their individual needs. With VMware and data environments widely deployed across many networks today, we can provide you with the software and expertise to collocate our call control software in your environment. This in turn allows complete integration between voice and other applications such as Exchange and Microsoft 365.




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