Your local Application Development and Hosting solution provider

IPC not only can host any of your applications currently residing at your location, but we can also develop and maintain a new virtual platform for these applications to reside in.  Therefore removing the risk of aging servers and valuable data being lost.

Cloud Application Basics:

IPC currently provides many businesses with a variety of Hosted Applications.  From Microsoft Exchange to Quickbooks we provide businesses of all sizes a local cloud based solution allowing you to migrate and access all of your data at any time, securely.

Throughout our 14 years of doing business, we've realized the need in any marketplace for Application Services.  This has allowed us to proactively build our infrastructure and team to facilitate these needs.  Having the great cornerstone of Virtualized Voice to build from, it allows you and your business to operate and collaborate in one single environment.  Imagine each phone calls caller ID integrating with your customer data you've built over the years.  This enables quick and efficient document data retrieval without having to login in and out of various applications.  Giving your users the freedom and efficiency needed for today's marketplace.


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