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IPC Communications offers a variety of Internet speeds to suit businesses of every size. Due to our Enterprise level accounts with Verizon Wireless, Cox Communications, Level 3, Charter Business, AT&T, Newroads Telecom, Ubiquiti Networks, and Netsolutions we can provide service virtually anywhere in the world.  All of these relationships allow you to acquire the best service without having to call a toll free number for service.  We utilize these relationships daily to provide you with a comprehensive solution that fits your business needs and gets you the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Not sure what type of connection fits your business best?  Contact us today for some simple and free advice.  With over 52 years of combined experience in the Telecommunications Industry we can help point you to the right solution free of charge. 

Verizon Wireless Business Solutions

Primarily utilized for redundant data and internet back-up solutions, IPC incorporates a variety of their Enterprise Class solutions for Secondary and Tertiary connections.  With Verizon's LTE coverage expanding daily and speeds consistently in the 20mb plus range they are also a great option for small offices and teleworking solutions.

Cox Communications

Ideal for companies with consistent, high-bandwidth requirements, Cox Business solutions offer some great options for businesses of all sizes.  From direct dedicated fiber links offerring speeds from 1.5mb to well over gigabit connectivity, to high speed cable modems that offer speeds up to 150mb download Cox offers a great Tier 2 option for any business. 

Level 3

Level 3 Communications is one of only six Tier 1 providers in the world.  Offerring one of the largest IP transit networks in North America and Europe they provide our Enterprise Level customers with some of the most comprehensive data solutions available.  From Virtual Private Networks to Voice and Video solutions they provide end users with some of the most effective levels of communication available.

Charter Business

As one of the top Cable Companies in the US, Charter offers a good solution for areas of the country that other primary companies we utilize cannot reach.  Offerring Data speeds from 1mb to 100mb consistently they are a great option for locations needing to be serviced outside of the NW Arkansas area.


With their network size and history of supporting Telecommunications across the globe, it's difficult to not utilize them as a solution when designing a network.  While it is difficult to contact them at times regarding various needs or support, that's where IPC comes in.  With our experience and Enterprise Account Level support contacts, we enable businesses with the networks they need without the hassle of communicating with a call center IVR. 

Newroads Telecom

As a large Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) based right here in NW Arkansas, they offer a wide variety of products from High Speed Dedicated Connections to Managed Service products.  With their history of local support and serivice its a great local option for many Internet related solutions across Arkansas and the US.

Ubiquity Networks

Offerring a wide variety of products that deliver Fiber connections wirelessly, Ubiquiti Networks enables IPC the ability to provide services to businesses that typically cannot recieve a dedicated connection due to construction costs or build outs.  When tied to IPC's dark fiber across NW Arkansas it becomes an excellent cost effective solution that gives businesses the speeds they require at a cost they can afford.


As part of our partnership with Mitel, Netsolutions is a great addition to their total solution.  As a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier in all 50 states they offer dedicated Internet and MPLS services across the US.



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